Printables I borrowed, and you should too!

So The Dating Divas posted 75 Sexy Bedroom Games on their blog, and I’m trying out a few of their ideas. The first one I did was It’s a Love Match, which is basically like memory, flip 2 cards over and try to make a matching pair. First, I printed them on a non-color printer, started cutting them out, then realized they were gray. And it would have been a lot easier to color if I had markers that weren’t in storage. And if I hadn’t already cut them out into tiny squares. (and then DJ goes hashtag grown folk problems… ). So I used a pink highlighter, colored the hearts, and continued cutting. Then I had to glue the fronts and backs together. THEN I used some laminating sheets I had leftover from when I was teaching, to painstakingly set them all on one page with space in between, seal, and cut again… ImageImage The final product looks like this: Image So I have to say I really like how they turned out and can’t wait to use them soon! ❤ I also used their free printable for Printable Check for 100 Kisses. Very cute! Again, printed gray so I colored it, but came out awesome anyways =) Image

Then lastly I printed some envelopes for budgeting purposes that I borrowed from One Good Thing by Jillee. (Found here.) Image Image I think having it as cash will help me/us keep track of where our money is going better, and actually be able to start saving to pay off debts and plan our wedding (once we get our new jobs going that is). Some of our bills are auto-pay, so the money has to stay in our bank account to pay those online. But the rest, I think would be easier to just deal with cash, so we’re not getting charged $5 everytime we pay our car payment for the “convenience” of using Western Union to pay online- what a scam! Anyways, I’ve printed them, folded, and now just need to glue together and start using them next pay period (all our bills are paid this month already, woot!). I will keep you posted, and please check out these lovely sites that I posted the links too! =)

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